dental x ray tampa

Tooth extraction is an unavoidable procedure at times. If you’re suffering a severe toothache and are worried about decay, or if you’ve broken a tooth, you should visit your dentist promptly and have them check whether you need a tooth pulled.

dental x ray tampa

What to Expect When You Get An Extraction

Your tooth extraction will always be done by an oral surgeon and dental expert. To ensure your comfort and safety, you will be given an anesthetic injection beforehand. Either a general or local anesthetic will be used.

In some cases, the bone tissue and gum area will have to be removed before extraction. Moreover, the tooth might be removed as a whole or in pieces.

Importance Of Dental X-Rays

Before deciding how to go about the operation, a dental x ray tampa will be conducted. X-rays are required for the following reasons.

To Take A Look At Impacted Teeth

Extracting a single tooth impacts the other teeth around it. Some teeth may be growing below the gum line. These put excess strain on the roots of the rest of the teeth. They may also be fused with the jaw bone.

Thus an X-ray is required to determine what other teeth might be affected by extraction and if surgery is required.

In Cases Of Infections

In cases of infected teeth, the dentist has to determine how far the infection has reached. The infection will have to be treated before the extraction can begin. By knowing the extent of the infection, the dental expert can go about treatment accurately.


Dental X-rays are an important procedure for getting all the required information. They should be taken both before and after the tooth extraction. X-rays taken after the tooth is pulled will ensure that the healing is occurring as expected.