How To Setup A Profitable Bar

There is nothing better than getting off work and going out with some friends for a night on the town.  For some people this will be going to a restaurant or a bar for a few drinks, something to eat and a few laughs.  When most of us do this, we tend to go to a specific location that we like or that makes us feel good.  The results of this feeling are created by a professional that knows bar science and helps create a great atmosphere for the type of clientele that they want to attract.

Finding the right help

You need to have the right help in place to get a local pub business off the ground.  If you don’t have good help such as brewery contractors, then you are really taking the word of people who don’t understand the science and reasoning of human behavior.  You need to find someone who can really understand why people show up, why they drink and why they spend money.  When you do this, then you can create a plan that will generate you mass amounts of income.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere that you create needs to be warm and inviting.  When you walk into the door you want to get the feeling that you are safe, that the people in the bar are friendly and most of all, it is clean and you won’t get sick. 

To start creating an atmosphere you will be happy with you want to work on lighting.  For most bars you will typically walk into a space that is dark and cozy.  The lighting in the room isn’t overpowering and there is an air of mystery.  This is very popular in bars since most people go to relax and get away.

Next will be the music.  You don’t want to have music blaring in your ears causing your skull to crack.  When we play music, it should be subtle and in the background.  If you want to play loud music, then consider opening a club.

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